Accounting Director - Jefferson Parish

ACCOUNTING DIRECTOR, Jefferson Parish, LA, $61,933 to $87,146, Required bachelor’s degree in accounting, business administration, finance, economics, computer science or related field with 3 years work experience; or 10 years of significant experience in government accounting; or CPA with 10 years professional work experience.  For complete job information visit and select “Executive Employment Opportunities.” 

The Director’s duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

(1) The development and administration of an accounting system to accomplish the proper recording, measuring and reporting of all operations, transactions, assets and liabilities of the parish;

(2) Compliance with all current accounting policies and principles which may be promulgated by appropriate accounting regulatory bodies;

(3) The hiring, training and professional development of accounting personnel;

(4) The preparation and issuance of the comprehensive annual financial report as well as all other required financial reports or statements;

(5) The preparation, analyses and interpretation of statistics for outside parties as requested;

(6) The development and administration of a system of fixed assets control and accounting for all fixed assets owned by the parish; and

(7) Jefferson Parish accounts, books, vouchers, and documents of all public money received and disbursed relative to its revenue, debt and fiscal affairs which are not required by law to be kept by some other person.

Preferred Requirements: Strong strategic planning skills; willingness to deliver excellent customer service; commitment to excellence in public service; proficient verbal/writing communication skills; strong background in management/supervision of accounting functions; strong background in cost management planning and labor management; ability to work within a culturally diverse community; provide leadership in developing and implementing policy for Jefferson Parish; ability to negotiate and evaluate consultant and vendor contracts; familiarity with Local/State/Federal financial reporting laws; ability to direct the Department in formulating and evaluating operating policies, programs and procedures; working knowledge of AS400/New World ERP/Tyler Technology, Word and Excel computer programs; knowledge of Human Resource practices and policies.

The individual selected for this position will be required to report to duty during emergency situations.  The position is considered unclassified, limited-tenure, at-will employment.


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